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Opt-out of App Analytics and sharing Crash Logs

Apple asks customers to help developers to improve their apps by occasionally providing analytics, diagnostic, and usage information. Apple collects this information anonymously.

App Analytics

All our apps use Apple Analytics to collect information about the way you use them by default. This data is always anonymised before it is sent to Apple Analytics, and cannot be used to personally identify you. We look only for broad patterns in the aggregated usage data, such as whether or not a particular feature is frequently used, or whether users in general prefer one setting over another. This helps us make informed decisions about the future development of our apps. To be clear we cannot track an individual user’s behaviour. We also cannot receive information from your device’s displays, cameras, or microphones.

Crash Logs

If one of our apps crashes while you are using it, data about the crash will be collected and sent to Apple Analytics to help identify the cause of the crash so that we can try to fix it in a future update. These “crash logs” contain information about the state of the app, operating system, and device at the time of the crash. Nothing in the crash log can be used to personally identify you, and crash logs do not contain any of your private data.

Opt-out on iOS

Go to Settings > Privacy, scroll down and tap Analytics. Then deactivate Share With App Developers.

Opt-out on macOS

Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy. Tab Privacy. Section Analytics. Then deactivate Share With App Developers.